Ramos Gin Fizz

A fun cocktail reminiscent of a spider drink (fanta & icecream anyone?). A bit more on the technical side but certainly impressive!

Serves 1

60ml gin

1 egg white

30ml simple syrup

25ml cream

15ml lemon juice

15ml lime juice

15ml orange juice

1 drop vanilla extract


Soda water


Citrus wedge

Place all the ingredients (except soda water) into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously with ice for 15 seconds.

Strain the drink into one side of the shaker and remove the ice. Shake again (dry shake) for 10 seconds. Traditionally you use a tall glass for this drink.

You want to pour 3/4 of the cocktail into your desired glass, at the same time pouring in the soda water (so they are one continuous stream) stop as it nears the top of the glass as it will continue to rise. Place in the fridge/freezer for 1 minute while you cut your garnish.

Very carefully pour the remaining cocktail into the glass, so the bubbles rise above the glass. Garnish with a citrus wedge.