Rice Bubble Slice

Updated: Jan 26

For 7 years of my childhood I lived in Canada, and the treats in North America are on another level altogether. This is hands down one of the best and is so simple and satisfying. We never used to decorate it like I have here, but it's a nice touch for the holidays.

The reason I've only just recreated this recipe was because I couldn't find the right marshmallows in NZ! They aren't the most popular of treats here. But recently I found the Pams brand at New World has large, white marshmallows (most in NZ are a white & pink mix!) that aren't covered in cornflour! I have made them with these versions before and they taste just as good, just don't look quite as pretty.

This stores really well in the fridge and would be a good lunchbox treat, but I'm here to tell you, it will disappear in seconds.

200g butter

300g marshmallows

250g rice bubbles

White chocolate (optional, for decoration)


Line a square dish (about 25x25cm) with baking paper, so it comes up all sides. This will help you to pull the slice out later.

Place butter and marshmallows in your largest pot. Melt on low heat until marshmallows have completely melted. (Use a metal spoon for stirring as marshmallow will stick to wooden spoon).

Turn off heat and stir through rice bubbles. Once all mixed together, transfer to prepared dish and press down with the back of a spoon so it is really compact. Set in fridge for one hour.

If you wish to decorate yours, melt some white chocolate in short bursts in the microwave then drizzle it over the chilled slice. Sprinkle with decorations of your choice. Chill again so the chocolate is set before slicing.