There was a lot of heated discussion when I was creating this recipe. Turns out every family has their own version of how they enjoy ambrosia. I’ve stuck with a really simple recipe with some added crunch from the biscuits, but some other ideas included adding pineapple lumps, canned berries, caramel chocolate, pineapple, mandarins and coconut! Get creative and decide what your family’s ambrosia looks like!

Serves 6-8

500ml cream

1kg blueberry yoghurt

1 punnet strawberries

1 punnet blueberries

2 cups mini marshmallows

150-250g superwine biscuits

50g dark chocolate, for decorating

Using electric beaters or a stand mixer, whip cream until it reaches soft peaks, about 4 minutes. Once cream has reached soft peaks, use a spatula to fold in yoghurt.

Cut strawberries in half then thinly slice. Set half aside for decoration and add the other half to bowl with yoghurt mixture. Add half the blueberries and all the marshmallows. Fold to combine.

Once combined, transfer mixture to a serving bowl. Use your hands to crush biscuits over top of ambrosia. Top with remaining strawberries and blueberries and grate over chocolate.